Pricing for all services.

All of our pricing details for the services we offer can be found on here. Please check our FAQ or email our Support team with any additional questions.

Site Building & Pricing

TFX Informational Site Design: $199.00

TFX Advanced Site Design: $299.00

TFX E-Commerce Site Design: $599.00

TFX Multi-Site Design (2 Advanced): $499.00 (16% Discount)

Informational Site Hosting Plan: $4.95/mo

Advanced Site Hosting Plan: $8.95/mo

E-Commerce Site Hosting Plan: $14.95/mo

Multi-Site Hosting Plan: $16.95/mo

Unlimited Sites Hosting Plan: $19.95/mo

Design Extras & Pricing

Premium Logo Design: $85

Small Ad Banner Art: $8

Medium Ad Banner Art: $12

Large Ad Banner Art: $16

Social Media Cover Art: $25

Social Media Profile Picture: $16

Product Photo Template Design: $20

Product Photo Conversion (10): $20

Hosting Addons & Pricing

Domain Names: $14.99 per year

Dedicated IP Address: $3.99 per month

cPanel SSL Certificates: Included Free for all Domains

Apache Spam Assassin: Included Free for all Email Accounts

Standard Domain Privacy: $9.99/yr Standard Privacy

CloudFlare Security: Included Free with all Accounts

Attracta & Yoast SEO Tools: Included Free for all Sites

Setup Costs and Fees

Managed Framework Licensing: $49.95

Website Building Deposit: $50 Info/ $100 Adv./ $150 E-Comm. & Multi.

Initial Account Setup: $4.95-$16.95

Domain Registrar Transfer Fee: $9.00

Delinquent Account Reactivation: $15.00

Late Fee for Hosting Payment: $15.00

Late Fee for Domain Payment: $15.00

Returned Payment Fee: $10

*Some of our design services are offered by our parent company TacticFX LLC and may be billed to you separately. If you order additional design services but they don’t show on your next billing cycle/invoice, please expect a second invoice including the extra services.